Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Warhound Interior

Greetings shipmates, I am moseying along with the first warhound and thought I'd share some in more progress shots with you all!

First off is the bridge crew of the titan, you can see that the cockpit is whole helluva cramped with them all sitting in it!

Blue grey and dark blue has been the uniform colours of the titan legions for some time so deciding on that was fairly straightforward. Plus the Princeps' uniform would match the Legio Astorum blue that the titan is being painted in. The two moderatii are mostly brass and greenish glass visors, not much to talk about.

Then there is the torso. More cramped quarters! I left the middle panel removable until the photos were finished though because...

...Its a whole lot easier to photograph the sections without it in place. This compartment is where a techpriest would stand and monitor the reactor and other key systems. We don't have one for this titan (they don't - for some reason - come as standard in the kit) and the resin one from forgeworld wouldn't fit because of the massive axe. Do you know who I think would work brilliantly in this compartment?

this guy!
He is short enough, compact enough and in the privacy of a titan's torso in a walking temple to the god machine he wouldn't feel the need to cloak his modifications from the normals. Something to ponder if you have a titan of your very own.

The entrance to the cockpit would be terrifying, the floor is a lift like a cherry picker, those chains either side of the floor are the winching mechanism. There are virtually no hand holds so you have to assume vertigo isn't a big deal to titan crewmembers!

Turning the other way off the lift is the entrance to the techpriest's chamber. The sign above the door reads "mind your head" in badly translated latin (High Gothic).

To either side of the lift are the last members of the crew, these guys never leave though. These are the weapon servitors, hard wired into their targeting system. You can see a little shrine to the omnissiah to the bottom right above the chain winch.

His friend on the other side isn't just a mirror image. They've made them very different. The photos don't really do them justice unfortunately . Overexposed is my guess. The good news is that LightTent 2.0 is almost ready. With some help from my crafty dad I should have an almost metre cubed light tent with four independent diffused light sources. It can only help! I'll take some more pictures of these internals when the titan is all finished. That way I can pretend that these were just work in progress shots and not mild photographic incompetance after all!

Until next time peoples,



  1. This is brilliant, love the attention to detail. And my favourite techno-scribe too :P

  2. Good gawds but this is truly beautiful work.

    Your attention to detail really does the sculpt honour.