Friday, 28 December 2012

Proactive Exorcism, the first Grey Knights

Hi folks, remember these guys (1, 2, 3)? Well, they are all part of the Inquisitor's retinue. I said back at the start of the project that they would be part of a very small Grey Knight army designed to work as a small army in its own right and as a legal allied force. Well, today I finished the first troops squad of that army, behold!

These are the first Grey Knights I've ever painted so, inevitably, there was a bit of trial and error-ing involved in getting the look right. I think the armour method ended up as simply working up through the steel shades, glazing with Guiliman Blue then rehighlighting to create that classic blued steel look for the Knights.

Being mildly dissatisfied with the normal method for painting nemesis weapons I needed my own. I figure if you call something "Nemesis" then bright and shiny doesn't really cut it. Instead I went for a dark, threatening scheme of my own devising  involving Coelia Greenshade and Thunderhawk Blue amongst others. I've got the recipe written down and I'm going to do a step-by-step guide when I do the next squad.

All the gold areas are the Vallejo Liquid Metal colours - to which I am now hopelessly addicted - and I just went for the studio scheme of red weapon furniture. To be honest, it looked good and don't fix what isn't broken.

heraldry conga line!

Each Grey Knight gets his own heraldry, so each of the lads in the squad got a different geometric pattern of red and white on the shoulder pad. I intend to add black details and so on to the more senior members (I.E. terminators) rather than on these chaps.

I quite liked the "space race" style leather helmet on the justicar so went with it. Something I should mention is the exquisite quality of the lettering on all of these models. The wording is so clear and sharp that all you have to do is wash it to reveal the text.

Obviously, these are just one squad. There are another five power armoured knights, a squad of five terminators, a - terrible beardy - dreadnought and the rest of the Inquisitorial squad to finish. But hey, progress is progress and they are looking nifty.  You can expect some more holiday snaps before we spring back into commercial action on the second of January, until then...


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