Saturday, 1 December 2012

New! Tutorial Videos

Ahoy shipmates, something of a quick update for you today with a bit of news... I've got a YouTube channel!

I'd resisted the siren call of the 'Tube until now, but it occurred to me that there are techniques that are much, much easier to demonstrate rather than describe. Hence... videos!

The first one is the new mixture of Jeffrust. Its the first video so I suspect there will be improvement in technique as I go along. Let me know if this sort of thing is useful. Until next time folks.



  1. Really nice way of doing heavy rust.

    This is just nitpicking on the video and hopefully giving something constructive for you to use.

    I've found when you say right amount of paint it is a good idea to show what it looks like when the brush is overloaded and underloaded with paint when you wipe off paint on the towel. It is one of the things that helps me when I demonstrate something at the FLGS. I would take a close up picture after each step if you are able, the video gives you the technique and the close ups will give you a comparable steps picture with more detail.

    1. Good idea on the stills. It was only when I was editing the thing that I twigged that I could add still photos to the movie. Live and learn! And yes, I was assuming that people knew how much paint to leave on a "drybrush". I figure there are so many basics videos out there that I would just be retreading old ground.

  2. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.