Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone (yes, I'm still here)

Hi folks, after a solid month of silence I thought it wise to let people know that I had not been eaten by a tinsel-shark (they lurk in Christmas decorations, be warned) and was in fact, well, still here.

old but topical photo
In fact the blog situation got first worse... then considerably better... if incompetent. Let me explain, no, there is too much, let me sum up: Old camera dead. Something to do with the sensor being bent/warped/something complicated and expensive. Thus worse; camera not repairable, new ones pricey. Then managed to find a nice dSLR second hand. So considerably better! Only trouble is, it is much, much more manual than my old "bridge" camera so am having to learn how to get the best out of it. This will happen soon, just not yet, because of the incompetence I mentioned earlier.

So the long and short of it is: We'll be back as soon as I can take competent photos again, should be soon. I will be going in to my normal Christmas/new year hibernation anyway but realised that if I did that without posting then nearly two months would go by with nothing. Unacceptable. Rest assured that there will be shiny new things in the new year for us all. But for now, from me, Mrs PVP and Mulder (the bony one) we wish you a very, very happy yuletide and only the finest and most marvellous 2016.