Monday, 10 December 2012

Knight fever, knight fev-er...

Avast Shipmates, its time for the second of the Dreamforge Leviathans, completely plausibly masquerading as an Imperial Knight:

The partner of this large chap is found here. The two of them are the vanguards of the Legio Astorum force that I am painting for a client. "Vanguards for what?" I hear you ask... Well, a pair of warhound scout titans for openers. They are the next big thing on my painting table and I am simultaneously excited and a little, tiny bit intimidated!

As I went through most of the practical painting last time I thought I would offer some general thoughts on painting really big models like these. The first thought is... keep it subtle. The cartoony edge highlighting that may work so well on a space marine rhino or something will look ridiculous on something this size. When we edge highlight we are imitating light bouncing off a large object. This already is a large object, so keep your highlights subtle.

Second tip: paint in sub-assemblies. By which I mean stick the model together into logical "lumps" that you can work on and then glue together later, like this:

This allows you to easily get at all the model with the paintbrush but also prevents the weight of the model from tiring your wrist and leading to dropped-model accidents. A goblin will bounce, this thing could shatter.

All in all I am happy with this fella, I learned a few lessons from the first one. I am unhappy that I couldn't do more with the posing as the legs are mostly single piece entities. This having been said, Dreamforge's ridiculously successful kickstarter campaign is guarenteeing a plastic version of this model and hence more posable. I am very tempted to get one of these for my very own when they are out in plastic.

Finally I re-present the datasheet I developed for the Imperial Knights after the last posting. Well, must dash, I have about fifty componants to clean up to make each warhound foot. You can be sure that a build log will be here eventually but until then why not check out PVP's "Today I have mostly been..." feed for a look at what we get up to day-by-day. Until next time folks, toodlepip and



  1. that is sir copyrighting at the highest level ... outstanding !!! xD

    1. I'm not sure I follow... but, thank you? ;)

  2. Seen his brother in arms in person last weekend. Nice work. And agreed that this is a heavy bugger. Good luck with the titans now..

  3. Interesting and worthwhile hint for handling larger models. And Dave looks good too.