Monday, 6 February 2017

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Hi all, yes, as you might have gathered from the title of the blog post, this is something of a farewell. Not a complete one, don't worry, I'm just moving blogging house from here to the Beard Bunker. Maybe I should explain, and to prevent this being tedious, I'll do so in the manner of a clip show with some of my favourite pictures of a sort of representative sample of my work sprinkled throughout.

So why am I off to pastures, well, not new, just different? Well, there are a number of reasons. First and foremost, the reason this particular blog existed was to promote a business that no longer exists. I don't make my primary living painting little mans any more. So there's that. I'd have a personal blog studded with older, paid work and... it would just not quite gel. There's also the fact that I simply won't be able to post as often any more and thus the blog would sort of diminish, and go into the west, and remain Galadr... wait, that's not right is it?

Seriously though, I'd rather just call time on this than watch something I spent so much of my life involved with diminish gradually. Instead, I can be a part of an awesome site run by a bunch of people (the gaming group who I've mentioned many times) and thus capable of more regular material. A growing body of work instead of a diminishing one. That's nice. Plus, they're me mates and we egg each other on a lot so being off to one side on my old blog seemed a bit stand offish. I want in with the cool kids damnit!

I had thought to expand the tutorial side of things here. Of all the work I have done on PVP, it is the tutorials that I am most proud of. Sadly, they are also the things that take the most time and PVP is no longer providing money to the cause. I still work for myself, so all the time I take out of actual work to do tutorials is money I'm costing myself. I have a visceral dislike for advertising and while my style is popular with a slice of the hobby community, it's nowhere near popular enough to sustain a Patreon or something similar. So that wasn't really going to work either. I may come back to tutorials at some stage in the future but they'd likely be on YouTube or something rather than in text. I am, of course, going to leave this blog up as the work I'm proud of is still there! I just think I need to step back and be a bit more "hey world, this is my hobby" rather than doing as much as I was. Another advantage of the community blog.

Then there's tone. This page, while occasionally jokey, tends to the attempt at a veneer of professionalism. I think I'd rather leave that where it is and go to the more free-wheeling Beard Bunker for a change in tone rather than having a rather dramatic left turn on the longer running blog.

Lastly, and this is the thing I really want to happen: They really deserve your attention. They're a wonderful bunch of people with a wide variety of skills. The content is varied, some of the painting is waaay better than mine, there's a bunch of gaming content, story world stuff and general hobby shenanigans. In the last week we've had Maisey posting pictures of his Frostgrave warband:

And Charlie showing off his latest scenic creation in the form of another Tabletop World building:

And I'll be sticking up my next finished work (probably Frostgrave) very soon. 

It's been a wonderful six and a half years y'guys. And it's not over yet by a long, long way. I want to take you all with me and continue to enjoy what I put out and interacting with you (which we're better at on Beard Bunker for some reason, more chatty style I guess). Here's to another six years of bunker dwelling.

Farewell, and may your dice ever roll high and your brushes never split. 

Best regards