Wednesday 26 December 2012

Super heroes for charity!

Remember the Foxxy Blade model I painted for the Paint the City Pink charity auction? Well, the painting contest had prizes and some of the prizes were donated back to the auction. I volunteered my time to add some value and paint the donated models (a bunch of Pulp City models and a couple of packs of Bushido figures) free of charge.

I've never had much to do with the Pulp City game or range so aside from the delectible Foxxy I had not painted much of their output. I've got all seven of the "super heroes" painted, Bushido is next. Lets check 'em out.

This huge fella is Hellsmith. As soon as I had him assembled he just screamed "greek god" at me, there's always that "bronzed" description in Mythic creatures and I figured that making him literally bronzed would be interesting. As such I base coated his flesh in Warplock Bronze, shaded it with Agrax Earthshade and then rehighlighted. Red and rich gold complemented the scheme and I based him - indeed all of them - in a very simple "urban" scheme to allow for whoever buys them to change it easily.

Next up is Guerilla, who is literally a Gorilla with a minigun. Probably my favourite of these models. He hasn't photographed all that well (khaki colouring in a lot of the highlights) but he looks ace in person. I went for a very utilitarian look, camo fatigues (with my first attempt at the new British MTP camo), military vest and the like.

Then Iron Train, some kind of mystical accident wrapped him in his steam train, go figure. I decided to stick to basics here, dark steel, copper pipework, brass and a tiny bit of leather and blue cloth to contrast all that iron.

I really liked Ace of Wraiths, he has a real "Saint of Killers" vibe (for those who read Preacher). Given that he seems to be all cowboy all the time, I went for Ned Kelly armour plates. Denim trousers and tan duster coat. Vallejo Tan Earth is my top tip for that particular job.

Androida was an odd one, almost felt like she didn't need painting. Build up the steel colour through the layers of highlighting, glaze down with Guilliman Blue and rehighlight with Necron Compound. Really, that's it.

Solar needed to be brighter toned than some of the others. Somehow spandex just didn't lend itself to grungy colours. With a name like Solar, yellow was the only colour for me. I also painted the cloak sky blue to give that sun in the sky look. I was going to use white only for the pants by it really looked - honest to god - like Y-fronts. As a result the boots, belt and the little thing on his forehead also became white. The back of the cloak looked kinda bare so I mirrored the golden symbol on his chest on the cloak.

Finally the Gentleman. He immediately struck me as a mob hitman so I went for the slightly tacky mafioso look. Bright red shirt, pin stripe suit and slicked back hair.

Anyway, that's all of them! I'll be conferring with Herr Hendybadger as to whether he wants these now or to wait for the Bushido folks to be completed before I send them off. More pictures to follow obviously! Until next time folks.


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