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Yes, we're back in business!

Pirate Viking Painting has re-opened for commissions, we're operating a slightly different system this time. With the RSI (now healed but I really don't want to mess it up again) I simply cannot do fast mass volumes any more. Instead I intend to specialise in what I'm good at (handy huh?), small gangs, characters, monsters, vehicles. I'll still take whole unit commissions but there won't be any volume discounts.

What you get when you hire us is exactly what you see on these pages. I don't do the bait and switch thing (putting the top level stuff on display but delivering an airbrush base coat, wash and drybrush). I don't have "levels" of painting. All work is my best work, all the time. I actively enjoy the tricky stuff, am happy to convert and sculpt to the levels of my ability to get you exactly what you want.


 Just love getting the details right :)

Pricing is on a quote-by-quote basis. I used to work on a standard part-work pricing but this isn't practical, there is a massive difference in man-hours between a harlequin and a space marine. However, I do want to give people an idea of pricing so planning is easier. So here is a gallery of some of my work with the price I would have quoted today.


Captain Tycho £30

Brotherhood Champion, £25

Hulk £35, Iron Man £20 (he's surprisingly quick)

Badrukk £35 (lots of details)

Dwarf Lord £45

Protectron £15


Cthulhu investigators £120 (almost every model needed sculpted alterations)

A dozen Dwarfs £240 as each is painted to character standard.

Imperial Agents £80

Legends of the Old West gang £120

Pathfinder warband £80

Oriental Adventures warband £100 (complex tattooing on the sumo)

Pathfinder warband £100

Dreadnoughts, £30 each.

Warhound titan £500 including assembly.

Dreamforge "knight" £65

Antenoceti scout car £30

Flames of War Sherman £20

Bolt Action 1:48 T34-85 £25

Forgeworld Void Dragon £75

Arachnarok £45

Giant £35
Heavily converted giant £60


15 Napoleonic British 95th Rifles £90

Blood Angel Terminators £40

Blood Angel honour guard £50

Nurgle Terminators £50

Blood Knights £60

50 Death Korps, simple scheme, £250

50 Night Goblins £100 (very easy to batch paint)

Flames of War 15mm scale artillery £25

Bolt Action Soviets £55

Oddball Stuff

High Elf Diorama £150 including materials

Converting a trophy into a painted model £100

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