Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Chaos Space Marine Army for sale on Ebay

This army is now sold and the post is only here for the pretty pictures
 Guys and gals, this is a quick message to inform all that my Chaos Space Marine army:

Is once again for sale on ebay, this time with the ridiculously low starting price of £100. I'm offering the army in its own carry case and with everything fully painted as seen. I'll ship domestically for £15 and internationally for £40. This is a solid army and well worth three times the starting price. I'm only listing it again as the car is coming up for it's MOT in January and I am having dread thoughts. Anyone care to have an awesome christmas present and support your friendly neighbourhood painterman in the process?

Seriously, this is a steal at this price. Check it out here: any and all promotion will be gratefully recieved.

TTFN folks.

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