Thursday, 6 December 2012

Two VERY motivational commissars

Greetings shipmates, here we have two very motivational commissars to consider:

These ladies are both Raging Heroes: Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova. She comes with a nifty gas mask that can be used to make her a touch more sinister. She also comes with a huge daft sword if you want to replace the lovely sabre. Mercifully the client wanted the smaller weapons! The brief was to paint one as a commissar and the other as an army officer in a bodyglove. Along with the gas mask it makes an intersting NBC suited look.

The Commissar - I'm guessing working on the carrot rather than the stick approach - was painted to fit with the Death Korps with green details. The details on the back of the coat were painted with the quick non-metallic gold method I developed for the Imperial Agents flag. This model is an example of where most of the colours are within a tone or so of each other and so need something else to lift them. In order to do this I chose elements of the model - corset, gloves, boots, cap brim - to recieve a satin varnish coat and thus distinguish them from the matt cloth.

By contrast, everything on the Army officer is matt. I is actually an interesting demonstration of just how different a paint scheme can make a model look. I used the same colours as I had on the DKK models with a splash of English Uniform for the corset and skirt. The khaki coat had the moulded details painted muted grey to further distinguish the two models.

With not a lot more to say about these ladies I shall bid you all adieu.



  1. Very cool! I'd ordered up the 3-miniature set of the Kurganovas they did recently, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I really dig the army officer variant you've done, that look particularly good.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. They are quite nifty. The only thing I would warn you about all of the Raging Heroes models are the TINY contact points on the arms. Far too small to easily pin. Take caution!

    2. These are Awesome, I love paint job! I have ordered the set of 3 as well because Praetorian solders love busty commissars as much as Mordians do :)