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This site is the online home for the work of Jeff, the Pirate Viking himself. Pirate Viking Painting used to be a miniatures painting service run out of Cardiff in South Wales in the UK. The content on the site was a mixture of personal painting and commission work. Anything after about may 2014 is just going to be Jeff's own collection.

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The man behind Pirate Viking Painting is Jeff Scarisbrick-Wright. Jeff has been painting miniatures for two thirds of his life – he started when he was ten years old. Over the past twenty-odd years Jeff has painted thousands of figures both personally and professionally. He worked for Games Workshop for eight years in various stores up and down the country and quickly built up a reputation for solid, fast painting. Those eight years brought him into contact with a wide variety of terribly talented chaps whose minds Jeff plundered for their miniatures painting knowledge. The last two years have brought a quantum leap in the quality of his painting (just check out the first pages on this site and compare with now!) and has led him to turn professional.

Outside of miniature painting Jeff has an eclectic selection of hobbies including re-enactment, Iajitsu (Japanese Swordsmanship), circus skills (especially playing with fire), running tabletop games for friends and running around in a field pretending to be an ogre or whatever and getting beaten up with latex weapons (that’s Live Action Roleplaying in case the description was ambiguous). In a former life – before tiny metal people took a hold of him – Jeff trained as a Biomedical Scientist and has also been a teacher.

Jeff resides in the lovely city of Cardiff with his wife and despite being crazily nomadic since graduation (he has lived in Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, South Wales (twice), Scotland, London and Wiltshire) intends to stay there.

OverviewAbout JeffFAQ

Why in the name of sanity is your site called Pirate Viking Painting?
Good question. As can be seen from the profile picture above Jeff has a number of hobbies that involve dressing up in a variety of outfits. As such half his friends know him as Jeff the Pirate and the other half know him as Jeff the Viking (he thinks it is a combination of beard, hair and stature rather than a predisposition to ocean going larceny and mayhem). When it came time to name his company the image of a Jolly Roger in a Viking helmet – and he is aware that Vikings didn’t really have horned helmets – occurred to him and Pirate Viking Painting was born.

And you will paint my models for me?
Not any more I'm afraid, the business had to wrap up. I may, under extreme duress (I.e. an offer I can't refuse) take on a commission for strangers but I am far more likely to be doing bits and pieces for friends on trade.

Do you just do wargaming figures?
Nope, I've painted pretty much anything, scenery, sports figures, I’ve even painted military insignia on a wobble headed Darth Vader before, no word of a lie.