Friday, 14 December 2012

Getting a head with the Warhound

Ahoy there shipmates. Today I thought I would show off the first finished componant of the first warhound, it's head:

The colour schemes for both of the warhound are to go with the client's growing Legio Astorum force and are taken straight from Imperial Armour VI - Siege of Vraks II. The strong yellow on the head will be a really striking combination against the dark blue plating of the rest of the body. So, what's under the hood so to speak?

The cockpit of a warhound is astonishingly cramped, wait until you see it with the two moderati and the princeps in his control throne added. I went with a pale greeny-grey (Vallejo Grey Green with a glaze of Athonian Camoshade) as I wanted a very different colour to the outside and the colour is reminiscent of those institutional shades that rooms that the public don't see get painted. The cockpit is just crusted with details. Seriously it is so big and detailed that painting just the head of this thing is like painting a whole dreadnought.

See what I mean? The moderatii control decks are absolutely full of tiny dials, buttons and screens. You get a real sense that you could control something this big with this lot! Of course there are no steering apparatus as the titans are hard wired into the crew's brains.

The roof of the compartment even has little dials and a screen that I decided to make into a repeater screen for what the titan's cameras are seeing in the outside world. I just need to glaze the windows and figure out if the outside lights will be on or off (probably off as they tend to look better). I've done no weathering yet as the entire titan will be weathered as a single entity to prevent the elements looking out of place with each other.

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  1. Looking good, nice stuff... i've 3 Titans in Legio Astorum colours! Might tap you up for a commission if i ever fancy a fourth ;)