Monday, 24 May 2010

First Post!

Hurrah! Pirate Viking Painting goes live!

Welcome all and sundry and to open up here are PVP's first ever commissioned painting models. The Client did all of the conversion / assembly work, I just painted.

The first is a daemon prince of slaanesh, client wanted the whip to represent the Lash of Submission psychic power so I painted it to be emitting light. This is the second time ever I've tried using object lighting and I kinda feel that it could have been better but ho hum, live and learn! Still looks good, possibly just self-deprecating artist syndrome.
The second part is this slaaneshi rhino, this one got slightly subtler weathering / damage than the Night Lords rhino below. I figure the pretty boy Slaaneshi's would look after their vehicles better. Love the Forgeworld doors and front, lot of fun to paint.
Finally we have the Night Lords rhino. I've never before been fond of the Night Lords scheme but this one was a lot of fun! The extra space to do the lightning and finding a red that worked against the dark blue helped. I'm now looking forward to painting the squad which goes with it!

Well that's all for this first post folks. Hopefully will be able to post some of my own stuff in the next one. Trouble is most of my stuff is in storage right now! Let me know what you think and if you want more details of how things are painted and so on and so forth. All feedback welcome but any lolfag trolls will be terminated with extreme prejudice and trained badgers sent to cut their hair into mullets.

Have fun everyone, speak soon!