Friday, 9 November 2012

Workbench: Ursakar Creed and Jerran Kell conversion

Hi all, quick post today to show you what I am up to with an imperial guard commission:

Remember these lads?:

Well the two at the top will be leading them. For those unfamiliar with the originals, here they are:

Image from Games Workshop, used for illustrative purposes only.
So, taking the chap on the left first. This was my first experience with heavily converting Finecast and I have to say, it is a delight. The dremel just tore through the head and left me with a nice smooth neck joint and an empty collar. Mercifully his head is massive and as a result fits the supplied helmeted head nicely. Unfortunately the mask with the cigar looked wierd. Instead I dremelled it out and replaced it with a grenade holding fist to make him look tough.

Now, Kell, the chap on the right was more of a problem. Public service announcement. That image is NOT what is in the packet, that is the old metal one. The finecast one has the flag much lower and wrapped around the left shoulder. As a result there was a lot of carving away to get him sorted. My advice in this case is a dremel (or as I have its cheaper cousin) with one of those brass wheel brushes attached. This just eats the resin and leaves a smooth finish behind. Oh, and a heap of dust. Masks on people. As I had to destroy the sword to remove the flag (it is moulded into the fabric) I added a new one made of a hybrid of a guard chainsword and a space wolf power sword. Job done.

Until next time.



  1. Hmmm still not sure why you removed the cigar.. I mean.. a real man would find a way regardless of mask wouldn't he?

    Also am thankful I still have the old metal versions of these guys. Should get around to painting them some day..

    1. Two reasons really, the first was that I felt it would be one of those things that everyone who sees the model for the first time would comment on and thus distract from the painting and conversion.

      Secondly, and more importantly, I asked the client what he wanted me to do!

  2. I prefer him smoking the hand grenade. Much safer.

  3. where did you get the gasmask heads from?

    1. I think (client's models) that they are wargames factory plastics.