Sunday, 18 November 2012

What I did on my Holidays (dwarfs mainly)

For those who do not follow the glorious Beard Bunker you may be wondering where all the pretty painted models are this week! Well, I have been over in Oxford at our sort-of gaming club taking a holiday - when you are self employed you do have to remember to take them! Weirdly, we decided to do a busman's holiday as far as I was concerned as we all took the week off and decided to do a group paint for the campaign that we will be running in January. The pictures below are the results, I'll leave the Beard Bunker Geek Week posts to explain them but the captions will explain what they are!

Runesmith Dwalin Gravenrune and his shiny, shiny shirt.
The Ancient Mariners, Dwarf Longbeards
Thunder unit behind custom shield fence representing their held shields

Piratical slayers adding to the nautical theme of the Barak Varr army
More slayers, hurrah! Gotta love a slayer, they are all part of the slayer unit the Unforgiven Dead
The Bolt Thrower - Griffonbane

My Dwarf Workometer for the initial 2000 points therefore looks like this:

So you can see there is a real, real benefit to a concerted, focus week of painting with friends to keep you focussed and entertained.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, until then


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  1. Really, really nice Dwarves. Love the nautical feel to them. Keep up the great work!