Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

Well, thanks to Andy over at Lair of the Breviks (check it out, he's a top bloke and a great painter) I've been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award. Essentially these are sort of benign blog chain letters helping people find all sorts of awesome stuff that they might have missed.

As a kind of paying it forward, when you get one of these you nominate five blogs that you think your readership might get a kick out of and why!

Sproket's Small World: This is the blog of a stunning painter, Dave Soper, if you were ever curious what it takes to be a top level competition painter then read this!

Tabletop Fix: As far as I am concerned this is THE news blog, a wide variety of sources and genres of wargaming without any obvious commercial connections unlike some we could mention...

From the Warp: A mix of great tutorials and connections across the wargaming community and solid hobby content.

Dave Taylor Miniatures: Dave Taylor represents the sort of hobby output I would like to be doing. The speed and quality of his painting - especially his Armies on Parade - is an inspiration.

The Beard Bunker
The Beard Bunker: Now those who know the Beard Bunker might see this as a little self promoting as I am involved with it. However I am nominating this blog for the other members of the Beard Bunker, they don't get anywhere near enough exposure!

These five represent a decent cross section of my regular reading and as far as I am concerned some of the best on the web. There are hundreds more out there and hopefully these awards will help people expand their hobby reading horizons!

Back to miniatures next time folks, until then...


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