Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Children of the Emperor

Greetings all, today we have Noise Marines on the bench:

These are the renegade space marines belonging to the Emperor's Children legion. Devoted to Slaanesh, their quest to feel every sensation and emotion in the universe led them to adjust their senses and use sonic weaponry to fully experience the music of battle. The client had already done all the assembly, including some marines that were starting to take on the aspect of Slaanesh's handmaidens. The Daemonettes.

Following the positive response that TwiddlyBits (TM) on the Daemon Prince recieved from the client, I decided to reprise TwiddlyBits on these chaps too. Most only have a spare shoulder pad to decorate but the Aspiring Champion gets a stripe of them across the entire model.

The Purple is a simple basecoat of Naggaroth Night, highlighted with Xerus Purple. The gold is the four step process necessitated by the new paints. Unfortunately, in contrast to the other new metallic paints the gold only works one way and it includes a drybrush step. I am thus commencing gold-quest to find a new basic gold colour to work on details rather than the broad strokes that you have to use with the new ones. Its fine if you have a whole model that you want gold but small bits are just a nightmare.

Love that head, the glee with which this mutant maniac is shooting is quite charming. Using bone as a contrast for the Emperor's Children shoulder pad icons works nicely against the purple and complements the gold.

The sonic weaponry, indeed all the weaponry, is gloss black. Slaanesh has a sense of style after all and glossy black looks great. There is a temptation when using gloss black to just paint it black and allow the light glinting off the gloss varnished edges to do the rest for you. Resist this temptation and edge highlight the black with a nice bright grey. This means that even in low light conditions the weapon is still defined.

There are another ten marines and a pile of armoured vehicles to go with these noise marines so plenty more purple in our future folks. Until then...



  1. The daemonette heads make them totally metal. I love it. Nice work.

  2. Regarding your gold-quest, I suggest Vallejo Liquid Gold: http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/liquid-gold/family/11

    One thing to note is that they are alcohol based paints; so, you won't want to use your good brushes with them, and thinning and cleanup are done with alcohol. The alcohol will dry out your hair brushes; so, synthetics work best.

    BuyPainted.com has a good video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA9GiWjl51g

  3. Wow the AC looks really great. Like the paintjob on armor and leather!

  4. Nice work mate! Just wanted to let you know I listed you in the Liebster Blog Award blog-a-round thing. There's a post on my own blog about it, in case you have no idea what I'm going on about...

  5. Once again your patience and dedication to Slannesh's twiddly bits fills my Chaotic bits with glee.