Friday, 9 November 2012

Loose ends

Greetings folks, today is one of those "finishing off" days. I had a couple of figures that had been half finished and then hung around for a bit. One of my failings as a painter is that I like to finish what I start in one hit (however many sessions it takes), if I have to stop and come back much later I struggle to get motivated again. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets. However, knowing this about myself I tend to grab a day or so a month to finish off half-done projects. Today is one of those days!

Remember that flag from the NMM tutorial? Well, until recently, that was all there was! I finished off chappy holding the flag and added the Imperium Victrix motto to the flag. Not much more to say about him really!

I started the seeker when I painted the daemonettes the other day. Due to some heinous casting problems (so glad they've been replaced with the plastic ones, they always had problems) the detail on the face is a little soft but I did the best I could to merge the colours of the bony ridges and the purple flesh.

The steed of slaanesh she is mounted on needed to fit in with the daemonettes without merging with the rider. To achieve this I used the pale purple tone of the daemonettes on the underbelly and a stronger purple using Naggroth Night as the base.

The model is sculpted with irritating grassy bits attached to the feet. These are fine - sort of - on a grassy base, but on the grey rubble that my client likes they look ridiculous! Cue some thinking, in the end I decided that the speed of the daemon steed would be causing flames to spring from the ground. As a result I used some yellow drybrushing and glazing of the basing material to add a fiery glow to the feet.

Until next time folks


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