Sunday, 11 November 2012

Prince of Daemons

Hi folks, today we've got a big one to check out:

The daemon prince is for a Slaanesh chaos space marine army I am painting for a client. Now I am going to be up front here. This model and I are not friends. I've painted four of them over the years for different stores or clients and we still haven't made up. For some reason it is fiddly and some of the details merge together making it hard to figure where colours will look best. But enough grumping Jeff, you're paid for this!

Starting with the purple. Naggroth Night forms the basecoat. I then built up the highlights through Xerus Purple all the way to Lucius Lilac. I then shaded it back down with Druchii Violet. Finally I went back in and did some twiddly bits (technical term there) with reconstituted Lucius Lilac. I am starting to use dry pigments with added water to create a thin layer paint. Perfect? No, but it works well enough.

 I wanted the sword to really stand out so went for something completely different to the rest of the pallete. I loved the hot swords that the Bloodletters wield in the Space Marine computer game so I thought I'd go with that. Now I can't go into every stage as I used about twenty different layers. Mephiston Red formed the basecoat, highlighted with drybrushes of Kindleflame and Hexos Palesun. I then layered Nuln Oil onto the red to make that hot iron look. I glazed the whole thing in red ink and then ran thinned Ceremite White mixed with a little yellow into the runes. A glaze of Lamenter's Yellow made them hot and a coat of Water Effects finished the sword off. Gloss black is also going to be a feature of the army so it'll sort of tie in visually.

For the flesh I just used Daemonette Hide highlighted up with Slaanesh Grey, bone areas used the same mix but I added bone to change the texture without adding another tone to the colours. It also allowed the skulls to stand out from the daemonbone. You can also see more TwiddlyBits (TM) on the other shoulder pad.

As you can see from the back view, the overriding feeling is purple despite there being flesh, bone and armour in the same shot. The gold and yellow cabling balance each other and the green gems are tiny spot colours to add interest.

More chaotic goodness to follow folks.


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  1. Loving the twiddly bits. You are the king of twiddle.