Thursday, 25 August 2011

More Kustom Ork Vehicles! (FoPVP)

In the second half of the inaugural Friends of Pirate Viking Painting feature we will take a look at the rest of Charlie Brassley's Ork vehicles. His battlewagon was featured in the first part of this feature. This time it is the turn of the trucks and buggies:

The first offering is this lovely number, one careful owner, constructed from bits of Trukk, Battlewagon and plasticard.

I love the profile, so different to the usual Ork Trukk but still recognisably a Trukk. The big old dozer blade on the front gives it a very menacing aspect from the front as we can see below:

Also in the catagory of transport vehicle is Charlie's looted vehicle, in this case a Land Speeder Storm:

It has such a charming dune buggy feel and the addition of the mesh makes it feel properly Mad Max.

From the other side it is almost impossible to recognise the donor vehicle at all! The grot turret from the battlewagon has seen good service as the looted wagon's skorcha.

And who needs internal combustion when you can have triple turbofans eh? Finally for Charlie's contribution we shall check out one of his buggies:

What is remarkable about this model is that it shows just how good a buggy model could look with minor changes. Trukk parts (especially the driver) and a little turret make for a nice figure.

Like all of the vehicles of Charlie's army these fellows are Speed Freaks and as such there is only one colour to be seen in. Red.

I love the rusted metal finish on the radiator. Well that is it for Charlie's Orks for a bit but while we are talking kustom Ork vehicles I must show you just one more, this time from fellow House of Beard member Maisey:

We tend to refer to this one as the Bedford Trukk as it closely resembles the design of the ubiquitous 3 tonne truck of World War II fame. It is interesting to note how much changed the character of a vehicle can be by just altering the length and shape of the "nose".

The hinged ramps at the back look great and give a nice sense of functionality to the vehicle. This brings us the the end of our second Friends of Pirate Viking Painting spot. Hope you have enjoyed it!


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