Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WW2 Tommy on Patrol

Greetings all, as a gentle warm up after a week off (I had been off LRPing and had damaged my wrist a little and didn't want to mess up a client model) I thought I would paint the first of a new venture for me. Large scale military models:

The model is one of five from the Tamiya "British Infantry on Parade" set. It is 1:35 scale (54mm in our wargaming parlance) and as such is somewhat larger than the usual I work on, enter Ms Funnymoney to demonstrate:

I've recently got the Vallejo military paint set so working on this fellow was a breeze. Starting with the jacket and trousers I basecoated the model in English Uniform, washed it in Devlan Mud for shading the uniform. Highlighting started with English Uniform and then continued with adding Bleached Bone to the English Uniform. The webbing was painted in the same way just swopping English Uniform for Khaki.

Picking out the other equipment helped to make the model more visually interesting, grey blanket, wooden entrenching tool and the ubiquitous enamel mug.

I enjoyed this model more than I expected! I thought the colour scheme would be a little monotonous but the simplicity of the paint job was half of its charm. 1:35 is large enough to do nice things like adding wood grain to the rifle furniture and for the sculptors to make the weapons etc realistically scaled. It is of interest to me that the muzzle of the lee enfield rifle on this model is smaller than a lasrifle on a guardsman. This guy is twice the size of the guardsman. Take a moment and think how ridiculous that would look scaled up...

Anyway, back to Harlequins, should have some finished and up on the web for you all soon.


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