Thursday, 1 September 2011

We are experiencing technical difficulties...

Hey folks, slightly grumpy update:

My computer has decided that operating normally is something that happens to other machines and has ceased functioning. As a result I have lost access to image processing for a while. Doh! While I sort out getting photoshop onto a friends computer there will be something of a lag in updates.

I am still working on projects (frustratingly I have some photos of harlequins now) but won't be able to share them for a little while. Given that I now have even more need of the money I will go cap in hand and ask that if any of you fine, fine people were thinking of having me work for you on a project then sooner would be better than later!

As you can imagine this has left me a little disheartened but thankfully painting is one of the things that cheers me up. Useful that! I will post again when I am once more up and running on borrowed machine. Until then if you want to contact me then use the "contact us" email button or send direct to pirate-viking-painting (at) as I can easily pick those up from my phone. Until next time



  1. Argh!

    If (problem = "computer related")
    Cost = "lots";

    Is it a laptop or a desktop PC that's gone kaput?

    If it's a desktop we've got a fair amount of components that we could lend you to get you back typing.

    Just give me a shout.

  2. Good luck, I hope you're soon able to get everything fixed.

  3. Laptop. Cooling fan failed and I think I cooked something important. :(

  4. What model of laptop is it buddy? I can see if I have something that would fit in the scraps pile. Also, what version of photoshop were you running, i may have an old laptop that could be used as a stop gap if you were running an early version.

  5. ...just heard "The Aethervox" pimping your site on their latest episode. Very cool.