Friday, 12 August 2011

Slow goings and an AFK warning

Heya folks, you might have noticed fewer than normal posts going up lately and I thought I would explain why!

Firstly, it is high summer and thus the busiest time for holidays, family gatherings, social events and the like. Even I have to venture gollum-like out of my painting cave for those! Secondly, a lot of the projects I am working on are not yet photogenic. Stripping the paint off Harlequins is not terribly noteworthy. Third, the Harlequins are taking a long time to paint and I don't really like to put up halfway house work in progress shots. Fourth a few rush commissions for my prop making side business has used up some working time. For example: Grenades!

I will be away from my painting table for the next week and a bit (going to a field in the woods to smack other like minded people with fake weaponry! Hurrah!) so don't expect any updates until the last week in August. Have fun folks and see you then.


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