Monday, 8 August 2011

Steampunk Pistol

Another of my weirder commissions. A Steampunk pistol!

This started out as a NERF Maverick pistol:

Which I then ground the markings from, primed and painted:

So what is this doing here? Well, it illustrates how painting techniques can easily be used on different objects! The greasy sections are my usual mixture of Brown Ink and gloss varnish. The mahogany handle was an experiment, I hadn't painted much rich woodwork before. The method I came down on was a Dark Flesh and Scorched Brown mix base coat, wood grain was added first by adding black to the base coat and then adding Kommando Khaki. The whole thing was then glazed with Devlan Mud and then satin varnished once dry.

There are some more detail shots over on Pirate Viking Props (our sister site dealing with LRP props) if you are curious. Normal service resumes next time, until then...



  1. That looks really great! Is it part of a costume that you know of, and if so did you do anything to protect the "wear" areas?

  2. Yup, it is part of a costume and so several thin coats of vallejo satin varnish over the grip and the metal of the handle. The rest of the working parts are "lubricated" by the oily mix of brown ink and gloss varnish giving a very tough finish.