Monday, 1 August 2011

First adventuring Party finished!

So here it is: the first adventuring party all finished! Adding a halfling rogue and a bard to the cleric and barbarian finishes the group.

The Bard is the Marco Columbo miniature that Games Workshop released when the Lustria campaign was at its height. I thought he would make a marvelous bard, clutching inkpen and sheaves of scrolls to record stories and tales. I decided that the colour pallete would be a very warm orange-red. The clothing was pretty much Blood Angels red technique and the orange was Blazing Orange over a Macharius Solar Orange basecoat. A Gryphonne Sepia wash warmed the colour and gave it some shade and Kommando Khaki mixed with the Blazing Orange highlighted it. I used turquiose as a contrast colour on the gems and the feathers are painted as peacock. Weirdly the camera has not picked that up at all!

I am really happy with the bottle. Started from Orkhide Shade, added black for the shade and white for the highlights. The initial shading done I mixed Blood Red with Orkhide shade and painted in the potion making sure that the level followed gravity! I left a thin line of green/black underneath to indicate a thick walled vessel. I then added a long curved catchlight of Orkhide Shade and white to bind the two colours together. A skin of gloss varnish sealed the deal and the effect was complete.

I used more severe contast in the skin than I would have usually to indicate a weather-beaten complexion. The sculpting on the face was lovely, he even has sculted crows feet! Made painting him really enjoyable.

The rogue, by contrast, was a necessarily simple job! The model is only about 15mm tall after all. I used a Peregrin Took from the Lord of the Rings range. I was keen to make him look very different from the Pippin paintjob, this started with the colour pallete. Rather than the greens and browns associated with the Shire I used blues and greys to make him seem more stealthy and "urban".

His face is oh-dear-god tiny so there is only so much you can do! The eyes were the best I could do with a 5/O brush as they are probably half a millimeter across. To give him a rogueish look and to further distance him from happy-go-lucky Pippin I added heavy stubble using the method discussed in the Barbarian entry.

Well, that wraps it up for team one. There are another 2 regular fantasy adventuring parties in the works and an oriental adventures group featuring a Dwarven Samurai and Ninja. Ah, good times. Till next we meet folks...


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