Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kustom Ork Battlewagon (FoPVP)

Greetings all, I am back from my holiday and back in the saddle! Of course this means I have nothing finished to photograph but fear not dear readers. I have a new feature for you all: Friends of Pirate Viking Painting! As part of my holiday I dropped in on the House of Beard - a house full of wargaming friends of mine. There are some ace painters amongst their number and so I thought I would showcase some of their work here as well as mine. So to open up the account I present Charlie Brassley's kustom Ork Battlewagon:

The wagon is a double decker affair designed to accomodate Charlie's terrifying unit of Ork Nobz and his Warboss. Charlie's whole army is Speed Freaks so everything is mounted on bikes or vehicles.

From the back you can see how full that wagon is! Let's pull the models out so we can see the construction better:

The wagon is made from chunks of Trukk and plasticard added to an 'Ard cased Battlewagon.

Poking out of the back is another Nob, how did he get there? Glad you asked:

The roof comes off! This allows Charlie to field the Battlewagon as a slightly less tricked out version for smaller games.

Well, that is it for the first Friends of Pirate Viking Painting (FoPVP). I took hundreds of photos at the House of Beard so you can expect these as filler when times are a little slow! Hurray for constant hobby content!

Until next time folks