Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cleric-al Errors

Now I know what you are thinking... "Jeff, I thought you were finishing the Blood Angels, that looks a lot like a D&D Cleric..."

I think I may be suffering from Angel fatigue combined with that "only two models left and it is all over" feel. So instead of a drop pod (shudder) and a pretty Sanguinary Priest with jump pack we have a Cleric! The model is an Ulric Warrior Priest from the Empire range. I loved the wilder look, an old faith with a winter god vibe. For his robe I nicked the excellent drab green colour developed by Andy "Lair of the Breviks" Walker (ta Andy!). I'll let you find the method on Andy's site but suffice to say it blends all the way from Charadon Granite, through Catachan Green up to almost Dheneb Stone. I wanted the armour to look battered and travel worn so blended up the highlights from Tin Bitz up to Chainmail, there is no texture on these armour plates, it is all done with the brush.

The other key feature is the wolf pelt. I used a "grey" wolf as reference - they really are not grey - and mixed colours to match. The main colour is a 2:1 mix of Khemri Brown and Astronomicon Grey with a Devlan Mud wash.

It is always worth having visual references when painting animals. They always have way more complicated colour schemes than you imagine and because you have seen a lot of pictures - or the real thing - a wrong scheme will always look wrong.

Like the armour I wanted his holy tome to seem used and beaten. I started with Dark Flesh and then washed it with Baal Red to give a vegetable-dyed red feel. Then I went back in and added scratches and worn edges with a Dark Flesh and Bleached Bone mix.

I agonised over hair colour for a while, to contrast with the green robe and the grey-brown of the wolf pelt I settled on a red-brown. A basecoat of Vermin Brown was highlighted with Vermin Brown and Bleached Bone mix and washed with a 2:1 mix of Devlan Mud and Baal Red. This creates a lovely realistic red hair, his skin was my usual character mix with a small amount of Snot Green for his irises.

Won't make any promises this time! Could be more D&D figures, could be the final Angels! Who knows? I am filling time until the next round of commission work arrives so I am pleasing myself. Until next time...


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  1. Fantastic job and a great looking miniature! All the colours work really well together - especially the beard which helps frame (that's not the word I'm looking for but it will have to do at this late hour) the face as the focal point of the miniature.

    Glad you like the green, that's pretty much the best method I've found to get that colour - I've tried a couple of other top highlights, but the Dheneb Stone seems to work the best so far at keeping it "natural".

    Big thumbs up all round!