Friday, 3 June 2011

Death Korps sir! Thousands of 'em!

A very short update today as there is only one picture that matters, this one!

This is the first time I have attempted to shoot such a large amount of figures and I reckon I've got some learning to do. Regardless, that is 181 painted figures! They make quite an impression, can't wait to get a place big enough for my gaming table so I can take shots like this on pretty scenery rather than the planet woodwork. So that is it for now on project Death Korps. No more, all done. We're probably going to revisit at some point in the future to add some more units or to expand the army.

Next post will be Finecast 2: Revenge of Finecast. GW very quickly got me a replacement Repeater Bolt Thrower and it is everything I hoped the first one would be! I'll take some shots and get you a review of what Finecast should look like over the weekend. Toodles, folks and



  1. Awesome. Just awesome. Looks like you've got a proper army of men right there!