Saturday, 25 June 2011

Blood Angels Chaplain and the last tactical squad...

Greetings all, we are getting very close now. Just thirteen models stand between me and 4000 points of lunatic Blood Angel goodness. Here are the latest offerings, first the 3rd Company Chaplain:

For anyone considering buying a chaplain, get this guy. He is just a lovely sculpt, the skull especially and I suspect that it will look even better in Finecast! The black armour is the part that challenges most people and I am going to let you all in on a Pirate Viking painting secret. Drybrushing is your friend. Seriously. It doesn't always work, especially on Space marine armour, but for black it is tough to beat. This gentleman had multiple carefully drybrushes layers (and real drybrushing, the brush cannot be damp at all) using a large drybrush that is normally used for tanks. The layers went something like: Adeptus Battlegrey and Chaos Black; Adeptus Battlegrey; Adeptus Battlegrey and Codex Grey; Codex Grey. Each layer is progressively lighter than the last. Once you are finished he will look like he is made of concrete. Trust the Pirate Viking and continue to the next stage. Paint in all the metalwork with chainmail. Wait for that to dry (about a cup of tea duration, conveniant huh?) and then hit him with two coats of Badab Black, waiting for the first to dry before applying the second. This looks so effective that I am actively considering a black Space Marine army (Black Templars perhaps) as a side project because the effect is so very, very fast to complete.

The bone is Khemri Brown, shaded down with Devlan Mud and then highlighted through many thin layers of Khemri Brown mixed with increasing amounts of Bleached Bone until pure Bleached Bone is reached. A few final highlights of Bone and White finished the effect. The last step is a very, very thin glaze of bone and white highlight mix with a thin layer of satin varnish over the top to give a polished finish.

Continuing a theme, here are some more Blood Angels! Surprised huh? This is the 3rd companies 4th Tactical Squad and the last that I will be painting for this project. These gents are designed to drop pod down into the heart of the enemy in support of the two dreadnoughts and capture enemy held objectives. Hence they are armed with short range but lethal melta weaponry.

Having finally run out of Sanguinary Guard swords to use on Sergeants I needed an alternative power sword. Something of a similar length to the other blades but fancy enough to be a Blood Angels weapon. Enter an Empire Wizard's sword from the fantasy range, combining this with the grip and pommel from the Command Squad relic blade was child's play and generated the right effect. And while we are talking conversion:

Given that these guys are the closest thing to an assaulting Tactical Squad that you are going to get I wanted a marine throwing a grenade among their number. By tilting the torso to the side I gave him the impression he was leaning into the throw. The left arm needed a bit of chopping and repositioning to hold the boltgun in a believable way but I think the overall effect was worth it.

Well, that's all folks for today, as mentioned earlier, only 13 models remain unfinished and five of them are half done. The planner below shows what is still to do. All manner of exciting!


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  1. The skull on the chaplain looks excellent, all awesome minis man.