Saturday, 4 June 2011

Finecast review 2 - revenge of the Finecast

Part one of this review (looking at the rather badly mangled kit) can be found here.

After the disappointing showing of the first kit I sent photos of the problems to GW customer service. To their credit, the next working day they dispatched a full, free replacement kit and many apologies. So here it is:

The first thing to notice is the lack of warping of the frames in this kit. Compared to the first one this is a major improvement. There aren't any really miscast parts but the problem of the "sword and scroll" dude's tiny thin ankles is still there. That is the fault of the original sculptor though, not the caster. The same mold-slip lines are present but are incredibly easy to carve off. The entire kit took me 15 minutes to clean up and assemble. The same metal kit has taken me upwards of an hour in the past.

Most of this speed is down to how fast and hard the superglue grabs the resin. I didn't mention this the first time but it is AWESOME. My advice to modellers before when using metal was "Hold it until you think it is dry and then hold for another 30 seconds to allow for impatience" and it still would not be dry. 3 seconds is all I am holding Finecast parts for, 3 seconds. With the lack of weight I am seriously considering selling the metal Azhag that I've got and replacing it with the Finecast version so that I can put it together in less than a month.

I may have been hasty in my first review when I said that Finecast wasn't designed for war machines. This cast is lovely for the bolt thrower and as you can carve the surfaces smooth easily you can get razor edges and smooth curves even on internal surfaces. Really nice material to work with.

Forgive the slightly hasty clean up job on the crew folks. I'm not going to be using them (I'm using corsair models to help the kit fit in with my corsair raiding army) so I just got rid of the obvious bits of flash to show off how nicely the finecast deals with things like the roped skull, the breastplate and the scrolls. The undercuts are all crisp and allow for really precise modelling. Really nice.

To summerise then. My conclusions from last time are still valid. To them I will add the following advice, when Finecast is good it is very, very good and when it is bad it is rubbish! Same as metal really. My advice is to check the castings carefully in the clamshells or, like my boxed set, if you find a problem let GW know immediately. They are not in the business of selling rubbish figures and will replace any problem pronto. I'm glad I got a decent one to show you all and am just a bit gutted that my first one was unlucky! Guess I'd better paint these now eh? Till next time


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