Monday, 30 May 2011

We'll keep the khaki flag flying here...

Well, this is it! The last Death Korps! I decided to leave the banners for last as a treat so here they are:

This fellow is the Command HQ standard bearer, almost more of an icon bearer than a true banner bearer. I thought about doing all kinds of fancy painting on the pennants but quickly realised that it would detract from the central icon. Thus I wound up keeping it simple and maintaining the colour pallette that had served me well thoughout the project.

The other three are the Lieutenant's standard bearers, these are the classic "flappy flag" style of banner and look lovely for it. The banners are moulded from resin and are seperate componants to the bearers. You need to use a metal pin to attach them. Be very careful when drilling the flag for the pole as it is very easy to go right through. Search as I might I could not find the finials from the top of the banner poles. As a result I needed to find replacements, beads superglued on and painted made a decent job of it.

The banners themselves were painted with the same colour pallete as the rest of the army but with pseudo non-metallic metal gold edging and detail to make them stand out and thematically link them to the brass of the officer corps. This colour is based from Snakebite Leather and is shaded and highlighted with nothing but black and white. Normally this is a disaster but works well with NMM techniques. Obviously, this is not true non-metallic metal, there are nowhere near enough layers, shading or highlighting for that. The main reason for this is that the flag would not be gold either, just heraldic "gold" yellow. The "Unto Death" motto was chosen for two reasons, first, it fit the morbid Death Korps vibe. Second, it was two short words that would actually fit!

And with that the Death Korps project is finished. I am told that we will be doing some more at a later date but the vast bulk is all done. I will be doing quality control over the next day or so to check that there is nothing glaringly wrong. You would not believe how easy it is to miss an entire limb or a base when batch painting. You answer the phone, pick up the next model rather than the one you were working on and everything goes wrong! On such a large project I confidently expect to find 3-5 miniatures that will need some form of remedial work before I dispatch them to the client. Already working on the next projects: a pair of Iron Warriors predators and a super-secret present for a friend of the commissioning client. I'll post up a mass group shot of the painted DKK army once Quality Control is over. Till then,


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  1. Aaaaah. Sorry 'bout all the missing bits. And thank you again, for the repairs and so on as well as the painting. The photos look great. I'm now scared that I'll break them in my exitement. Rest assured that in the future there will be no opportunity for my four legged friends to sit on them.