Monday, 13 June 2011

Cygnar marches on!

Bet you thought I'd forgotten about Warmachine huh? Been a while since I posted the Cyclone but here is the next member of the Cygnar force, a Grenadier Light Warjack:

Grenadier 'jacks are designed to work alongside Trencher infantry in the field. They provide fire support and help with entrenchments and fortifications. They are a very compact design in comparison to the heavier warjacks and consequently a little smaller as well:

Painting the Grenadier proceeded in an identical manner to the Cyclone so I shall leave you to get the basic information from the older post and will focus on areas of interest within this model.

I have kept the furnace glow thing for the face and the Cygnarite runes denoting it's class on the pauldrons. The gun looked to be a mini steam generating cannon and so I painted in a steam gauge and made sure that there was light rusting around any area where steam would escape. I initially painted the hose in a rubbery colour before checking myself and remembering that rubber was a fairly late invention and oiled leather was used in the early Victorian period that the very steampunk Warmachine seems to emulate. I therefore repainted the section in my usual leather tone of Dark Flesh with a Devlan Mud wash.

The back of the model is just lovely, the little pouches emphasise the connection that the 'jack has with the men that work with it (Trenchers can reload the Grenadier's cannon for faster firing). The barrel has no texture applied to it and I suspect it was intended to be metal. The design of the ends though screamed wood to me and so I applied wood grain to the barrel. Took a while but looks quite charming. Verdigrised copper piping and oily joints finished off the figure and it was time to get to the basing.

Time for a little plug here I think. The bases for both the warjacks were finished off with leaf litter from Antenociti's Workshop. This store is a treasure trove of wonderful products and I own a bunch of them. The poison ivy tufts that also adorn the bases come from here too but you can get them from Army Painter. The logs were sticks picked up from around the woods in Candlestone, South Wales. I was camping there and noticed that a lot of the thinner sticks branched and broke in scale to represent logs. Half an hour of busy collecting later I had a tupperware box full of scale logs. Then I saw Woodland Scenics selling boxes with a tenth of the amount I had gathered as "deadfall" for £4! How I laughed...

I also went back and "leafed" the base of the cyclone too. This sort of attention to the bases takes quite some time and I would baulk at doing it for a Warhammer army. A Warmachine force though is generally smaller than most of my Warhammer units so a little more effort is justified I think. Next on the workbench for Warmachine is Captain Alaistair Caine. He'll be the first "normal" person I paint from the Iron Kingdoms, it's all been steam driven robots till now. Sadly he has to wait for a bit because with only 29 models to paint for my Blood Angels to hit 4000 points and the end of that project for good I am focused on them. Till next time


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  1. Looks pretty good! You do like dark tones, but the bright swan offsets this very well.