Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Warcaster Alaistair Caine

It's all go around here isn't it? Last night I sat down to start my Warcaster (the Captain version of Alaistair Caine) and found to my astonishment 4 1/2 hours later that he was finished. He is a lovely model to paint and so there was nothing else to do but share him with the world. So here he is!

I was partially using the good Captain to figure out the colour scheme that will be applied to all of the infantrymen in the Cygnar army. I am loving the steampunk world war I vibe that most of the Cygnar infantry have and so decided to embrace it. Thus his clothing (zoom in on the chest and neckerchief for the easiest view!) was painted in the classic British khaki drab that was used throughout both world wars. The specific colour is Vallejo English Uniform shaded with a thinned Devlan Mud Wash and highlighted with increasing mixes of English Uniform and Kommando Khaki. I knew that the armour plates would be chipped blue and the coat would be brown leather so this left me with a head scratcher for the coat lining. I didn't want to use the English Uniform again as this would cause the coat to blur with the clothing. I also did not want to use a dark blue as that would look too opulent and spoil the soldier look he had going. In the end I chose a neutral grey to avoid adding another hue to the pallete. Trouble was, there was a LOT of coat lining and the grey made it look boring. To kill this problem I added some freehand decoration to the lining in a lighter grey.

Phase two was the coat leather. I wanted it to look well cared for but a little battered. To get that dark brown leather shade I first basecoated the coat in Scorched Brown, a wash of Badab Black gave me the deep shadows. Highlights were built up back from Scorched Brown through mixes of Scorched Brown and Vomit Brown to A Scorched/Vomit Brown mix with Kommando Khaki added for the worn edges. I'm dead chuffed with the finish of the leather so this is going to be "Cygnar Leather" for the army! The blue metal componants were next following my usual Cygnar Blue of a Necron Abyss basecoat followed by Regal Blue, Regal plus Enchanted Blue mixes, Enchanted Blue and an Enchanted Blue and Space Wolves Grey edge highlight. The whole thing washed down with Asurman Blue to give a rich dark blue.

The base is a lovely modelled stone-effect piece included with the kit. I painted it in fairly muted shades (Charadon Granite highlighted with increasing mixes of Charadon and Fortress Grey and with a Badab Black and Devlan Mud mixed wash to bind all the layers together. I toyed with adding worn paint to the Cygnar swan and background but decided that it would start to overwhelm the model if I did that and prevent it from fitting in with the Thornwood theme I had going. Instead I added some overgrowing ivy and blown dead leaves to the piece to give it that "ruin in the Thornwood" feel. I have since stuck him with the two warjacks and the bases match nicely.

I decided to push myself with the face. Annoyingly the camera hasn't captured the face as crisply as I would have liked but I hope you can get an impression of what I have done. Yes, he does have blue eyes. I may have lost my mind. Sadly, until I can scrape together the cash for the Trencher box set that is it for Warmachine for now. Just time to remind everyone that we are on Facebook and Twitter and have a Flickr account too, you can find them all on the right of this post. Plus we are available for hire! Check out the "Hire" page on the top right, I guarantee we are more affordable than you might think! Till next time.



  1. Wow, this is a really nice model! He'd make a great Inquisitor!

  2. Great job mate!

    I've only painted a couple of Privateer models so far, but aside from the hassle in putting the plastic ones together, they are really nice to work with. They're not short on detail, but they seem easy(?) to get a good paint job on them in a short amount of time.

    That's a nice miniature too, much better than the other sculpts of him I've seen.