Thursday, 9 June 2011

DKK Bodyguards, and what bodies...

Although not part of the DKK army I found these two among the resins and decided to paint them as bodyguards for the regiment commander.

I am not sure who the manufacturer is, but I am pretty sure they are part of a Weird War II range. They have the feel of Nazi S&M pinups. [Edit: They are West Wind Secrets of the Third Reich]

First, the slightly more sensibly clothed one! The MP40's she has in each hand had very shallow detail and thus didn't respond well to drybrushing or washing. As such I lined in the edges with mithril to give them some definition. I contemplated painting the gas mask in the same canvas colour as the rest of the army but it was clearly sculpted to indicate rubber. My usual method of charadon granite with a badab black wash and some grey highlights served me well and gave her quite a sinister look.

Both models have nicely modelled bases that benefitted from careful painting and weathering to add interest but avoid detracting attention from the miniatures.

Now for the slightly less subtle figure! The stockings and shirt were the cause of a fair amount of experimentation. I wanted the shirt to look like thin cotton and thus appear slightly shear at areas where it was pulled tight over skin (shoulders, back, bosom, upper surfaces of arms). This effect is annoyingly difficult to photograph as it is more subtle than the translucent effects you often see on fantasy miniatures (have to paint one like that one day). It is a simple matter of adding the top highlight of your skin tone to the colour used for the fabric, you have to be careful to make the effect blend very gently as otherwise you make the fabric transparent.

The stockings caused a bit of head scratching, I didn't want to paint them in the same way as the shirt as I thought the effect may be too obvious. Instead I decided to take the slow path and build up the colour in very thin layers. A 50:50 mix of Vallejo Smoke and Black inks was thinned by at least a 5:1 ratio. Very, very thin in other words. This was then gradually layered on until I achieved the desired denier.

These were fun figures and a bit of a break from the norm for me, also gave me the chance to try some new techniques. Having cleared all my current commissions (now is the time if you want something done fast!) I've got a personal day tomorrow. Hmmm, Blood Angels, Dark Elves, Warmachine or cowboys tomorrow...



  1. West Wind's Secrets of the Third Reich/Incursion! Great stuff, great games!