Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pathfinder Commission (Part Two)

Well, still no Nuln Oil and with Cardiff set for Snowmageddon tomorrow (that's about 2-3 inches for any Canadian readers who want to laugh at us) it looks like I'm on "stuff other than titan" duty until next week, so....

More Pathfinder RPG models! This time we have a nature warden for starters. These two models are again Reaper Pathfinder figures. The brief for this lovely lady was an earthy elemental caster with a pet crow. Trouble is, there was a hawk on that arm, not a crow. I couldn't completely replace the bird so I decided to just adjust it a little. Chopping the tail thinner and shorter, straightening the beak and tilting the bird forward to give it that corvid pose. The pelt around the waist had me scratching my head for a while, too small to be anything but an infant bear but definately a bear. Then I remembered this:

It's a red panda. Bear enough for the sculpting, badger sizef for the scale! Hurrah! If anyone is curious the colour scheme starts at Jokero Orange. Two successive washes, first Fuegan Orange, second Seraphim Sepia gave it the right orangey brown tone. The black-brown areas start at Rhinox Hide and then darken down with increasing amounts of Abaddon Black. The pale areas can't be pure white as that doesn't really exist in nature. Instead I added some Karak Stone with White Scar to give the right shade.

The second model on the bench today is a paladin (Andoran Steel from the Pathfinder range). Lighter blues and shinier armour was the order of the day here. I decided to give him subtle livery colours to emphasise the "knight" element of a paladin. I have to say, the face is the wierdest sculpt I have seen in years! Long face, Bruce Forsythe chin and tiny sculpted eyebrows! It was actually tough to paint the face to look normal. I'm of two minds whether to dirty him up a little to help him fit in with his other adventuring pals.

Now doubtless I will be finishing the last of the Pathfinder commissions tomorrow so I'll put up a group shot when everything is done! Until then...


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