Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Its so easy when you're Evil

Greetings shipmates, following on from yesterdays post, today we have the last two members of the eeevil adventuring party commission. A Gnoll and a Cambion rounding out the gang nicely:

[edit: I forgot to mention, the post title references the brilliant Voltaire track "When You're Evil"]

We'll kick off with the more bestial (just) of the pair, a Reaper Gnoll Cleric called Boneflail:

Strangely, for such a large model, there isn't a huge amount to talk about the painting of it. The model is almost entirely leather, fur and bone with a smidgeon of rusty metal. The sculpting on the pouches is worth a look though, zoom in and check them out. Absolutely brilliant. The shield is also fairly groovy:

I decided in deference to the Minotaur member of the group that cowhide wouldn't be appropriate so goatskin all the way! I found a clawprint on the net (I think it is actually badger) that looked ferocious and stippled it on to the hide - Mephiston red first and then Evil Sunz Scarlet - to give it that "savage artwork" look.

Only now do I notice that I haven't shaded the brass on his back. Doh!

Finally we have the Cambion, a half-human offspring of a devil or demon. He's based on the Reaper Warlord Kang model with horns added by yours truly. I just lopped off the horns on a spare beastman banner top, shortened them and then sharpened them up once they were securely superglued on. Knowing that red was going to be a prominant skin tone, I needed colours that would work with it. Initially I tried a triad of red; blue and yellow but that was looking... off somehow. Triads are tricksy and can often look a little childish as they are such a classic combination that they are used in children's books, toys and school rooms the world over. Instead I went for the split complimentary of yellow-green and green-blue. Even then the yellow-green was overpowering. The edging has been sculpted very thickly and so dominated the scheme. Cue a line of the Stegadon Scale Green down the middle of each stripe and a generic sigil on the tabard/loincloth thingy. That helped to balance it out. The skin tone is just Khorne Red highlighted with Kislev Flesh and then glazed back down with Carroburg Crimson. A touch of black for the horns and everything is groovy. There is still something not quite there thought. He's fine and all but I think there is still something missing. If I come up with it I'll let you know.


But before I go, an update on probably the most important of my resolutions. The "keep Jeff alive past 40" resolution. Well, I am happy to report that progress is being made. I'm using something called alternate-day fasting where you eat a normal, healthy diet on the first day and then a drastically calorie reduced diet on the second. About 500 calories on what Mrs PVP calls the "non-eatey days". That means that your average intake hovers around the 1500 calorie mark without having to spend every day tediously counting and without having nothing to look forward to. Sounds mental? Well, it is working. I've lost 6lbs of fat in the last four weeks. Near as damnit half a stone in a month. At that rate I would be 15 stone by next year. Most importantly, my visceral fat count is dropping, meaning there is less fat caking my organs. And that is with changing nothing else at all. I'm a great believer in one change at a time. This month was all about getting used to the new food routine. Next month will be introducing a few days of exercise a week into the routine. March will be making it every other day and so on. Gradually your habits adjust and your life is different. More updates as we progress.

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