Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pathfinder Commission (Part Three)

Greetings from a very cold, snowy Cardiff! Just a quickee here as the pathfinder commission is all finished, boxed up and off to London and so here is the final piece:

This chap is supposed to be an Elven Prince so slightly fancier armour. The requested tone was green and red and with the armour being the major area I decided that the best course of action was to have the armour painted green with the steel edging showing through. Initially he had more red on him (I'd gone for a deep russet orange on the trousers and inner sleeves) but it was just too much. On clothing a linen white works as a neutral shade so I threw that in on the trousers and inner sleeves and that worked nicely.

And so here is the whole gang. I've enjoyed this group, don't have many opportunities to play with Reaper stuff (the markup from the UK retailers is a crime) and you need $35 in one hit to get free shipping from the states. Taking this tiny sample of 5 out of their range I would say that I like most of the sculpting, a few odd choices - the paladins face for example and the swords are a bit thick. But the general style of the pathfinder figures is pragmatic and well, adventurer-like, I approve. Anyway, this little gang are crated up and shipped out (I schlepped through the snow to the post office) and just as soon as this ice lets up on the roads I'll be able to restock the hobby supplies and get back on with the titan. Until then, I'll be doing some assembly work on future projects and cursing the weather.



  1. Those turned out looking great! Nice work, man!

  2. Very happy with the figures and they have gone down a treat :), well done sir