Monday, 21 January 2013

He's more Machine than Man...

Eyup folks, yeah couldn't resist the Star Wars reference. Today I thought I'd share the next in the growing retinue of my Grey Knights Inquisitor. I painted this techpriest a few days ago in drying times but forgot to photograph him with the bushido batch. Anyway, here he is!

Some of you might be asking, why is there a techpriest in your Inquisitor's retinue Jeff? That's not an option right? Nope, it's not, but I wanted a Jokero Weaponsmith in the retinue but didn't really want to pay £8 for a space Orang-Utan. A few moments thought on what else could modify weapons and fire wierd guns led me inexorably to... semi-renegade (likes to fiddle with and improve upon the sacred schematics, tut tut) tech priest. So here he is:

oddly the gun looks wonkier in this picture than in real life

It's the forgeworld titan tech priest. Now I need to say a few words here. First, this is the only crew member missing from the warhound titan. Second if you wanted to add one to a warhound titan you wouldn't want him on a base right? So why in the name of sanity did forgeworld sculpt a cast-on rocky earth base? Seriously, it makes no sense at all and the base isn't even the normal size, it's a little smaller! Mystifying, absolutely mystifying. Anyway, those familiar with the normal model will know that he has a girt great axe in his right hand. I wanted a more ranged-style tech priest in order to fit with the vibe of the Jokero rules. So, in a fit of converting frenzy I hacked up the axe, a lasgun, a space marine missile and a mortar shell of all things to create what I am calling a graviton gun for the sake of completeness. Painting is fairly straightforward, I used a brown wash on the red rather than the more normal, well, red to create a rustier red. I painted the power bayonette to match the grey knights nemesis weapons and added a lot of bronze twiddly bits to the skin of the graviton gun to appear as patterns of circuitry on the furniture.

With the techpriest finished I move closer to getting the retinue of the Inquisitor finished, soon be time to paint the big man himself. The more I do of this retinue the more it feels like an Inquisitor (the game) Warband. I've recently discovered the concept of Inq28 (28mm scale Inquisitor gaming) and it was like a lightbulb lit up. Why the hell was I ever playing with the 54mm scale models, oh sure they were pretty but so, so hard to effectively convert and customise, a limited range and expensive to boot. With this in mind I will be expanding the retinue a little beyond it's battlefield participants to include a few characters more suited to the Inquisition's mandate. As always, I'll keep you in the loop.


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