Thursday, 31 January 2013

A very exciting photograph (for me anyway!)

Yes folks, the day is finally here!

Pyladii Beta is together! I finished off the few detail bits on the legs that were missing and then glued that bad boy together. The posing, despite the problems, seems to work. Beta has a real "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" vibe. Its brother titan Pyladii Alpha is going to be armed with a titan killing turbo-laser and will be a little lower on its haunches, creeping around forests and skyscrapers to make the kill while its brother attracts attention and shreds shields and attendant infantry. Oh, and if anyone is unsure as to the true scale of these beasts?

Yep, that's a 28mm space marine by his toes. There is still work to be done on Pyladii Beta, namely weathering to really make it a god of the battlefield rather than a toy on a shelf but I am going to do that once Alpha is finished so that they match and look like they are on the same battlefield.

Anyway, me and Mrs PVP are off to the in-laws for a long weekend, so there won't be any "Today I've mostly been" until Tuesday. Have a good weekend, shipmates.



  1. Great job.. am sure it will look great along side its lesser kin.. and good luck with the in-laws..

  2. Looks fantastic, man! Love the striding pose, very animated.