Monday, 21 June 2010

Orks sir! Thousands of 'em!

Nattering about rust in my last update led me to thinking about my Ork army and I thought I'd share some pics of the stuff I'm happiest with. Sort of a blast from the past to break up all that red in the blog! First off, my Ork Trukk:

The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that the rust is exactly the same technique from the previous post but with substantially less boltgun metal drybrushed over the top. Just to remind everyone of the method for the rust painting, here it is:
Essentially it is a progressive stippled highlight that follows this pattern:
1) Basecoat: Dark Flesh
2) Heavy Stipple: Vermin Brown
3) Stipple: Macharius Solar Orange
4) Drybrush: Boltgun Metal
5) Wash: Badab Black or Devlan Mud
The degree of "rustiness" is controlled by stages 4 and 5. A lighter drybrush of Boltgun Metal will achieve a rustier vehicle (at stage 3 it looks completely rusted). Replacing Black with Brown in the wash stage will also achieve a more ramshackle appearance.
The close-up below illustrates the finished effect nicely:
Areas of curved or large flat areas - like the piping - have the boltgun metal stippled on instead of drybrushed to give texture. These areas are perfectly smooth in the model and need a bit of texture to look heavy and "real". If you want to add paint-chipped effects over the top it cannot be easier, just paint the colour you want in the middle and stipple out until you leave an edge chipped around the colouring. This is how I do heavy paint weathering, light paint weathering will be seen in the Razorback when part two goes up.
Other useful tips: The lens of the lamp is black highlighted with fenris grey before catchlight and gloss varnish is added. This gives a "switched-off" look to the lamp which I generally prefer to the bright yellow-white usually seen on models. The rubber tyres were achieved with a graveyard earth and black mix washed in badab black and then with graveyard earth washed into the recesses. This gives a lovely convincing dusty rubber effect that has served me very well.

Tomorrow I'll put up some shots of one of my favourite Orks of all time, Boss Snikrot and the converted Kommandos that go with him. Till then...


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  1. Great rust effect. I'll have to remember this when I start my Orks... someday... in the far flung future fanatasy world where I have time to work on my orks!