Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My Blood Angels

In the interim between painting commissions I've had a chance to work on some of my own figures. These are the first of my Blood Angels. In a departure from my former painting style (which could charitably be called "bash it out") I have decided to do my best work possible on this army. This could be due to many factors, maybe I want a better professional portfolio. Maybe not having discount of jamminess makes me slow down a bit. Maybe I just want the armies to look better. Who knows? Anyhow, here they are. They aren't the best pictures, sky was overcast so I had to balance the contrast in photoshop.

Let me know what you think, second half of the Tactical Squad is under the brush now. Will post when it is done. TTFN


  1. they look a bit awesome don't they, nice to see you enjoying painting slowly again mate

  2. Nice mate - love the deep red! That'll be personal enjoyment taking over from store-influenced efficiency. :)