Wednesday, 16 June 2010

First tactical squad finally finished

Well, here it is folks, the whole shebang, all ten members of the second tactical squad of the third company of the Blood Angels. I decided to go ultra traditional with the squad markings (hence the heinous task of freehand painting all those white-on-blue kneepad skulls).
Along with the team shot I took some portraits of some of the more interesting squad members, especially the heavy bolter - that I just couldn't get in focus on the left of the frame (any tips?). Let me know what you think. Next up will be the squad's razorback or the next batch of commission work (whichever gets to the bench first!) TTFN.


  1. loving the red, and the old school squad marking, you never see them anymore,

    With the focus thing, you might want to try enlarging your depth of field, just a thought

  2. Looking great mate, and the squad markings on the knees looking fantastic!

    I've not managed to get a good picture of anything more than 5 models - it's not necessarily a bad thing, that sort of grouping allows you to see a really good level of detail on individual models, while showing how well they work as a group. 10 models in one picture makes it difficult to focus on individuals.