Friday, 18 June 2010

"Factory Finish" Razorback

Given that I rarely stop at this point of a tank painting project I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a couple of shots of a "factory fresh" razorback. The chapter markings are still to be added but lacking both transfers and matt varnish (I ardcoat first, apply transfer and matt down the finish to eliminate the carrier film) this was going to be tricky. While I wait for some sheets through the post (thanks Maisey!) I have to stop the weathering process, so here it is... the before shots:
I've had lots of nice things said about the red I am using so I thought I'd run through the process:
1) Basecoat: 2:2:1 Mechrite Red : Blood Red : Dark Flesh
2) Lining in:  2:1:1 Blood Red : Dark Flesh : Black 
(all of the shadows and panel lines on a normal figure skip for tanks)
3) First Highlight: 2:1 Blood Red : Dark Flesh
4) Second Highlight: Blood Red
5) Coarse Edge Highlight: Blazing Orange
6) Edge Highlight: 2:1 Blazing Orange : Vomit Brown
7) Wash: Baal Red
(for tanks make it a thin filter of Baal Red avoiding any pooling)
8) Final Edge Highlight: 2:1 Blazing Orange : Vomit Brown
(around helmets and other prominant locations).
Obviously for tanks and similar you ignore stage 2 and use progressively lighter drybrushing to achieve stages 3-6. Ignore stage 8 as it will achieve precious little.

The "heavy" look on the tracks and exhausts is achieved using something that is still called "Jeff Rust" in the GW Stores that I taught it in. Essentially it is a progressive stippled highlight that follows this pattern:
1) Basecoat: Dark Flesh
2) Heavy Stipple: Vermin Brown
3) Stipple: Macharius Solar Orange
4) Drybrush: Boltgun Metal
5) Wash: Badab Black or Devlan Mud
The degree of "rustiness" is controlled by stages 4 and 5. A lighter drybrush of Boltgun Metal will achieve a rustier vehicle (at stage 3 it looks completely rusted). Replacing Black with Brown in the wash stage will also achieve a more ramshackle appearance. Given that this is an Imperial vehicle I made the rust minimal but all those layers add a nice sense of depth and weight.

Anyhow, when transfers arrive I shall apply those and go through the weathering processes that turn it from a toy vehicle into a war-torn weapon of war!


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