Thursday, 24 June 2010

And just in case we weren't bored of Orks... more Orks!

Ok, Ok, last old Ork post for a while I promise! Besides, the transfers have arrived for the Razorback (Ta Maisey) so I can get on with that EDIT: [Never, NEVER, use Tamiya Flat Base as a matt varnish; I've just this minute used it on the Razorback over the transfers, almost immediately it turned chalky white, I've been able to get the worst off by rubbing with water but it is still a bit of a disaster. To re-iterate, DO NOT use Tamiya Flat Base]. The following are two sets of conversions I did for my Ork army a while ago. The first is the Ard Boyz. These are made from Ork Boy and Black Orc bits and were inspired by prototypes that the former manager of GW Oxford - Jason Smith - made. I think the camo armour looks great for being from my "bash it out" days, and when combined with their trukk they are quite a frightening unit.
The next picture features the Nob and big shoota, the Nob was made with the arm from the Assault on Black Reach Warboss (I had a couple kicking around due to an unfortunate Deathkopta addiction). The big shoota is made with a loota gun mounted on the Black Orc shoulder.
Finally, back in the bad old days before we had spiffy new plastic killa kans we had to make do with slightly rubbish metal ones. Worse, two of the best weapons - kustom mega blastas and grotzookas - were unavailable. So I did what everyone did, made 'em myself. The KMB's are easy, loota weapons just grafted on. The grotzookas sounded like blunderbuss mortar things, so I made a double barrelled mortar out of Imperial Guard mortar tubes and a few random plastic bits.
Anyone who doesn't use these awesome weapons on their 'Kans is just kidding themselves. Only Grots should have the one shot KMB's as their marginally higher BS makes them actually useful. As for the Grotzooka? It is terrifying. S6, AP5, Heavy 2, Blast. A squadron of three of these can make even Space Marines duck and cover, get a small template out and try it out. 6 blast templates. Now make the Wound and Save throws. Now gibber a bit or cackle maniacally depending on your army choice. Told you, Grotzookas for the win.

Thats all for now, hopefully should have a Razorback for you next post followed by some shiney new commission figs (Thousand Sons and World Eaters in their heresy colours of blue, white and lots of gore).


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