Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Boss Snikrot

Heya folks, just a quickee today showcasing another past project, one of my favourite Ork models of all time, Boss Snikrot. This was my first ever attempt at object lighting and I followed the advice given in White Dwarf about painting Skaven Warpstone, just replaced green shades with red. You can't see from this angle but the finger that he is holding up to shush the kommandos is also lit as it was in the radius of reflected light.

I'm in the middle of converting the Red Skull Kommandos to join him at the moment. They are being modelled crossing a swamp with some in deep water and I don't yet know exactly how I am going to paint the water/swamp. Hence, his base is currently not finished. My Blood Axe army already has one Kommando unit (and Gods are they hardcore) and they are pictured below.
I wanted a really old school look to the Kommandos, those who remember the original metal models will know they were very SAS in appearance. In homage to this bit of Ork history all of the converted Kommandos in my army have the rolled balaclava beany hats modelled out of green stuff. The only other modifications were swopping all to weapons for knives and an Imperial Guard heavy weapon team backpack. It is amazing how much three small changes alter a model's appearance.


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  1. Face mask looks awesome mate - OSL FTW! :)

    Your Kommandos would benefit from having the muzzles of the guns drilled out, but other than that they look superb too (love the hats).