Tuesday, 15 July 2014


TwInquisitors, Twin... Inquisitors... see what I did there..? I'll get me coat.

A quick update today on these chaps:

I was working on the last three Eldar Corsair tanks - have been for a week now, WIP picture below - and the slow progress was driving me slightly nuts. Needed a quick and fun win, Inquisitors to the rescue!

with my wrist being the way it is, this sort of thing takes forever...
As there have been a lot of Inquisition types on the blog recently, I thought these two would be an interesting angle to take as an article. They're identical base models, with only minimal conversion work and a paint job to make them look different. A nice illustration of how you can add a little variety even with limited resources.

First up is an Inquisitor whose warband is still being painted, shades of red and blue are the main colours hence the jacket and trouser colours. Against a bold colour like the red I needed fairly simple choices for the armour and coat. Reddish-brown leather complimented the red of the jacket - my normal Rhinox Hide, highlighted with Mournfang and glazed with Agrax Earthshade - and gloss black with steel details for the armour and weapons. Something to note, the arm holding the plasma pistol is made from a skeleton forearm and the hand holding the pistol (it's a Forgeworld DKK one I think). Skeleton bits make for elegant, cheap and simple bionics if used sparingly. While I'm talking modelling, I have to say, the face of this model is one of the ugliest bits of sculpting I've seen in ages. I complain often about a lack of defined features, well, this chap is the other way, defined features that do not conform to any facial anatomy I recognise. I've minimised their impact with painting and I realise that the sculpt was probably difficult to achieve with the heavy undercuts of the hat and collar to consider but yeeesh. Not a good job, rare for Citadel. Were I to do another one of these for myself I would probably either transplant the entire head or fashion some sort of mask as the rest of the model is splendid.

For wave two of TwInquisitors we have a man who leads the Elysians I painted earlier. He therefore received the same Vallejo scheme of English Uniform, Flat Earth leather and Cam Olive Green armour as the girls in order to bind him to them. The black hat is mandatory for all inquisitors in this commission but with this chap I felt a black coat would be a win too. Counter the fairly bright jacket. The little death-cherub thing is a resin piece from an unknown manufacturer (this has been happening a lot in this commission, sorry!). I chose the part of the model that made the cherub look most "weightless" to attach him to. He carries the tattered Inquisitorial Mandate authorising the every action of puritan-hatted man. Of the two, this is the one I am happiest with but that is probably because the scheme is more in line with my usual aesthetic.

More soon, especially those corsair tanks. Very almost finished with the commissions, will have to give some real thought to the direction and style for the blog soon. Want to try and keep some variety to the content here!


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