Thursday, 24 July 2014

Strength Enough to Prosper

There is a quote that floats through a lot of 40k publications:

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper;
Only those who prosper can truly judge what is sane...

Kinda sums up a lot of why the 40k universe is the way it is. The subject of today's post has more than strength enough...
This chap is a Black Scorpion miniatures "Mad Hatter" being used as yet another Inquisitor. Appropriately, he leads the group that I dubbed the Bonker's Brigade, yep, the ones with a drunken Macaque as a part of a warband:

So a special bunch at the best of times. Given the general red, black and linen colour scheme it was fairly straightforward to fathom how Inquisitor McNutcase should be painted:

I made only one small alteration, the brass etch =I= symbol cut and attached as a playing card in the hatband. Much more "Alice" Mad Hatter. The cloak was a new red for me; I'd not used Khorne Red much as, frankly, I thought the unmodified colour was a bit 'meh'. It is helped a lot though by a Carroburg Crimson wash and the proper highlighting (Wazdakka Red and Squig Orange glazed with Bloodletter). Ends up quite a nice tone. I couldn't fathom what the hell he was doing with a chained (and farcically busty for her height) girl at his feet until... she's got a demon tail. Obviously she is a relatively early stage demonhost. The alterations haven't gone far yet. Given her pose I dread to think what their relationship is.

That'll be all for this week, it's been one of those weeks where circumstances have kept me away from the desk more than at it! More next week. Have a good weekend folks.



  1. An old WD Chapter Approved I have attributes that quote to either the Tyrant of Badab or Lugft Huron, I can't remember which. So quite possibly before they became the same person.

    And yes, that mini is totally mad, even for 40K. I can't imagine the bonkers brigade mixing well with Monseignour Blingnor.

  2. Fantastic. So much character, I can't see this lot ever being able to hide. Anywhere. Ever.