Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Inquisitor Dredd

Hi folks, another quick Inq28 update for you. Today a servant of the Inquisition with a chin of granite and badass to spare:

This chap is an Avatars of War witch hunter with some 40k additions to make him into quite the badass Inquisitor. Like a lot of AoW stuff he's got plenty of character while also containing some wonky sculpting (on this one, head too large, no neck). We replaced his weapons with plasma pistols, added some protective scrolls, scanner, purity seals and a brass etch =I= for his hat. Given that the shape of his mouth is almost exactly that of Judge Joe Dredd from the 2000AD comics (and the brilliant Karl Urban movie) he became Inquisitor Dredd in my head for the duration of painting.

He leads this squad into battle so needed to look down to earth and threatening. A big black leather duster seemed to fit the bill. The camera struggled to pick it up but I'm finally happy with my method for black leather. A basecoat of Val German Camo Black-Brown is shaded with two thinned layers of Black Ink mixed with a bit of Lahmian medium. Then highlights are added with the Black-Brown again and then the edges are "scuffed" with Val Camo Black-Brown and Val Deck Tan mix (roughly 3:1). This gives the brown-ey bone scuffing to the edges of black leather. Otherwise he is quite unremarkable painting-wise. The details are nice though, bottles, pouches, a noose, vampire killing stakes (clearly anti-psyker) and so on. He's armed for bear and more than a fit leader for the "SWAT team".

As part of the last bits of commission, I was tying off a few loose ends that my client had found. A last four Death Korps of Krieg (above) and an orphaned daemonette from a long prior commission (below)

Thank goodness for writing methods and paint recipes in the blog! Records and journals are your friend folks! More soon



  1. That inquisitor is epically badass - dual wield plasma pistols! Ace.

    I really like the colour scheme that you've used on the Death Korps figures too.

    1. Ta! There's a ton of them under the Death Korps tag, including a properly creepy quartermaster