Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Models! Git Chore Bargain Models Here!

Hi folks, in the final wave of Operation "make room for and finance new projects" I'm selling a few more bits. If you want any of the lots below then send me a message through the "contact us" button above:

Pretty big, mostly fully-painted space marine army. Captain, Chaplain, 3 full tactical squads, 10 assault marines without jump packs, dreadnought, 3 land speeders, 5 terminators, 11 scouts (mostly sniper rifles). Older army, painted about 12 years ago and has been around the block a bit, few repairs here and there. Would be £225 to buy new and a scary amount more to buy painted (another £420 on cheap rate). I don't want anything like that. For all these, anyone want to give me £180 uk post included.

Classic, nastily painted necromunda wyrd telepath. Only really good for stripping and starting again in my opinion. £7 including uk post anyone?

Classic ork army booster. If you've an older style ork army or are wanting to inject a bit of variety into your force then this is for you. OOP warboss, 8 stormboyz, 5 tankbustas, 2 deff dreads with skorchas, bunch of dread and kan bits to change weapons or just for bits. £60 (less than the price of two new deff dreads) gets you the whole shebang. UK post included.

White Dwarf 300 celebration model, looks like this (link) assembled. Still new in packaging. £30, uk post included.

Hope to hear from happy buying type people soon. I'll happily post elsewhere in the world but will need to work out P&P individually.


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