Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pray they don't take you alive...

Greetings shipmates, something a little different for you today...

Yup, that's a Dark Eldar. See, the Beard Bunker are doing a series of small skirmish projects this year. One of them is a Commorragh project where we all do a small Dark Eldar raiding force that can join together when the Bunker goes on the road (A Beard Tank maybe?). This chap is the first test model for the new army, the Void Crow Kabal. I knew I wanted something different to the cybergoth pixies look that the studio had. So I thought I would channel more of the Craftworld Eldar feel than is normal for the Dark Eldar. I still went for a very cold scheme - turquoise offset by the split complementary bronze and red - though as I wanted them cold and cruel. The armour is not fast. Not at all. At least five stages lies between the Stegadon Scale Green basecoat and the lightened Sotek Green edge highlight. Not an army that will paint quickly.

I'll do a full step by step eventually so that I can record the method. For now though, I'm happy with the look of this fella and feel confident to continue with the next four of his mates. More pictures as I go!


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  1. He looks good Jeff, I think you've got the fallen craftworld effect you were after.